Are Phones Bad For You?

Rangel, Lionel, Reporter

Phones are part of the digital era we are currently living in. Phones play an essential part of our day to day lives. We rely on our phones for so many things, such as homework, communication, navigation, jobs, time, etc. Phones are so vital to our lives, but is that a bad thing?

Phones have definitely affected our society in negative ways and positive ways. Phones have drifted families, friendships, and relationships apart, which is a bad thing. The more you actively use your phone the more likely you are lacking of background knowledge and communication skills. People from today’s generation are addicted to these small mobile devices and that’s frightening.

Phones have made everything much more easier and accessible to everyone. Phones make almost everything easier such as, communication, navigation, articles/reports, music access, etc. Phones save people time through the years of using the device.

Some people argue that you don’t need a phone. These people only use a device for important purposes, which is completely fine. These people know when and how to use this mobile device to its fullest potential. Phones are a controversial topic, whether they have destroyed or helped our society to advance, we may still never know.

Overall, phones have impacted our lives in a huge way, whether you think it’s positive or negative. They have helped us yet, destroyed us mentally. Depending on how you utilize these cellular devices it can vary on how it affects you on a daily basis. Phones are important, and whether you disagree or not, our world will always be making advancements.