As of September 5th, 2017, Trump has repealed the DACA program and the rights of many innocent people will be taken away. DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) is a program that was aimed towards undocumented people that came into the US as children. This program allowed them to get an education, enroll in college, have secure jobs, obtain valid driver’s licenses, and own banking accounts and credit cards. They would also pay income taxes. Without the DACA program, these people are now unprotected and their lives are at risk.

DACA is an American immigration policy that was established under President Obama’s administration in 2012.

DACA aimed towards people who arrived in the United States as children. To be eligible, they had to have arrived in the US before the age of 16 and have lived here since June of 2007.  If you had not been convicted of a felony offense, a significant misdemeanor, or more than three misdemeanors of any kind, you would have been able to apply for DACA.  

If approved, they would receive a two year permit. After their permit expired, they would apply for a renewal. This permit allowed them to stay in the US without the fear of being deported.  

DACA wasn’t a free thing. Immigrants who applied for DACA would pay $465 for the individual. Sadly, DACA did not mean legal status, but it did allow peace of mind for those individuals, knowing they would not be deported.  

Immigrants under the DACA program are also known as Dreamers. Dreamers are immigrants who seek a better future.

On Tuesday, Trump stated that it was time for Congress to act. DACA has not yet been completely removed; Congress has to decide on a new executive order that will change the DACA program, and they have 6 months to do so.

The MountainView staff wanted to see what students and staff at East Tech thought of President Trump’s repeal of DACA.  We interviewed sophomore Yuliana Aguirre who believes DACA is beneficial ” because it helped in many ways. It’s letting kids study in the US without having any problems.”

Yuliana Aguirre

Mr. Sifuentes, a World history teacher at East Tech, had some feelings towards Trump’s repeal.

“He wants to take jobs away. The president wants Mexico to pay for the wall even though he’s the one that wants the wall. Children benefited a lot from the DACA program and now kids fear being deported once again.”-Mr. Sifuentes

A group of students in Mr. Sifuentes World History class all seemed to feel that the repeal of DACA is unfair and feel that is is discriminatory.  


Mr. Sifuentes’ period 2 World History students- Betsy Macias, Emiko Matthiessen, Vannesa Moyeno, Ashley Meyer, Zoe Malen, and Angela Kachirisky.


If DACA is removed, it will affect both the Dreamers and the US. Like American citizens, Dreamers pay income tax. Dreamers have contributed an estimated amount of 2 billion dollars in state and local taxes. If these Dreamers were to be deported, the US economy would lose about half a trillion dollars over the next decade. As for the Dreamers, thousands of them would be at risk for deportation after their final permit expires. Trump can’t send these people back to “their country” because this IS their country, this is where they grew up. How is Trump going to send them to a country where they never lived before? These people arrived as children, meaning they spent a few years in the country they were born in. These people should have an opportunity to live the American Dream. Trump shouldn’t deny them basic human rights because they’re people too. We need to stop separating families and treat everyone equally. There is no acceptable reason for DACA to be removed. Dreamers should remain hopeful and wish for the best. Defend DACA. We’re Here To Stay.