Every Ending Only Means A New Beginning


Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

As our senior year comes to an end something even more exciting is beginning. A new chapter in our lives. Although most of us won’t be together anymore we have all come a long way together since freshman year. Everyone is going off in different directions but these are the paths that we chose for ourselves. And who knows, maybe one day our paths will cross and we can catch up with each other, share stories, and maybe make new ones.


When thinking about my last four years in high school I can definitely say I don’t regret anything I’ve done. Of course there are things I wish I had done differently, but who doesn’t. I have come to see that the choices I’ve made throughout high school have impacted me in one way or another and made me the young adult I am right now, and I love who I am. I am doing things that I probably wouldn’t have imagined myself doing, but I am, because I believed in myself and worked hard for it. I have a job, I’m attending college in the fall with almost a full-ride, I’m pursuing the career that I’ve always wanted, but most of all I know I have made my parents proud.


My father has always said, “I want you to go higher up the ladder than me and your mom did.” Those are words that I will never forget and I highly encourage other people to do the same. Find your motivation, find something that you know will keep you going even when you feel like giving up. I personally wanted to give up many many times but my father’s words kept me going and helped me get back up because there is nothing more I want in life than to make my parents proud to say that I am their daughter. I want my younger sisters to follow in my footsteps and work as hard as possible to accomplish what they desire because anything is possible if you really want it, work for it, sacrifice for it, and set yourself in the right direction to achieve it.
It’s extremely sad to think that the people we’ve been with for four years are no longer going to be there, and that everything you are used to is going to be gone in just a few weeks. However, it’s even more exciting to think about all the amazing things that are waiting for us. Maybe not all of them will be great, the obstacles that come our way are just more tests we will need to pass, but we’ve taken so many tests already so how bad can a few more be. All 13 years that we have been waking up early and staying up late, stressing out doing homework and working on projects has paid off. We have reached our goal, graduation! Just remember that the end of a story means you are going to be able to start a new one and this one might be an even better one.