All About Trump

Maria Rodriguez

I feel like we can never get enough Trump. Everyday our news is just filled with information about Trump, so why not talk about him even more?

In the latest of Trump news, it is said that his 2005 tax returns were leaked by a few journalists. His administration team was asked to check the accuracy of the tax return to see if they were legitimate, which they said they were. His tax return documents show that Trump paid $38 million in federal income taxes on the reported income of $150 million, a tax rate of 25%. After they confirmed the accuracy of the documents, Trump decides to let his fans know through Twitter (This is the man you voted for America.) that it was “FAKE NEWS!”. SAD!

Though there are many more Trump things going on out there I wanted to talk about his vocabulary. Trump is a very rich man, but he is not quite rich in vocabulary. I mean always tweeting about “Fake News” (Seriously, if you were to have a dollar every time he tweeted about ‘Fake News’ you’d be rich) or “ObamaCare” or “Make America Great Again” (I hope we can get there at one point), or my personal favorite Tweet “SAD!” That one just really hits home. But honestly I feel like there are better words out there. My teacher would put ‘sad’ on the dead words list.

Trump should use more subtle words to really demonstrate what he feels. If he needs some help I have a few examples; depressed, miserable, vulnerable, detestable, despair, amongst others. If these aren’t able help to him, he can use a thesaurus. That really helps me.