A Summary of 2016 Told by a 16 Year Old

Dulce Pixabaj

Well, it’s been a rough year hasn’t it? Death, crime, impossible outcomes, and just overall tragedy. A year of crazy turns and major events; it feels like the wold is getting crazier everyday. And honestly, it’s becoming more and more like the world I was afraid of. Myself, along with many others, are just afraid of the world in general; the slight possibility  of the apocalypse doesn’t seem that far off anymore. And all the new young adult novels and movies, like the Fifth Wave, The Maze Runner, and The Hunger Games, aren’t particularly helping!  One day, it could possibly be a reality.

I’m barely just touching the cusp of adulthood and already my age is being faced with real life events that we don’t yet know how to deal with. Climate change, Hate crimes, Racism, Politics, New laws that we don’t have a say in, the failing economy….to name  a few. 

The biggest example for me is the Pulse Nightclub shooting. It was a horrible, tragic event that shouldn’t have happened and I still mourn who died. Children only a few years older than me died for being themselves. And yet everyone was still fighting about its validity as a tragedy because the nightclub was gay. It’s scary thinking something like that could happen to me, not just at a club, but anywhere, because someone out there doesn’t like me for who I am. It could be for being a Mexican, a woman, or just because.

And then of course, the elephant in the room….the 2016 election. I don’t know if that’s worse or not. Knowing that the president, the caretaker of our country and person with the most influence on my generation doesn’t respect me or my family. He thinks we do not have the same worth as the rich white male. I mean, how do you respond to that? I don’t know, but I’m going to have to.

But I guess it wasn’t all bad. In the hate we found love.  Tragedy has created a community of people who care. Because only when it’s dark can we have light. I’m actually proud of some of us. There’s still a long way to go, and any change that’s going to happen for the better certainly isn’t going to happen overnight. But that’s what my generation is going to try to do. Who really knows what’s going to happen? It’s a new year, with new opportunities.