Surviving in East Tech

Iane Gallardo

In movies we watch while growing up, we see high school as this magical place where everyone has found their own clique. From jocks and cheerleaders, to nerds and geeks, to trouble makers and class clowns, the list goes on. High school is supposed to be the place where kids have fun, enjoy Friday night lights, have wild school spirit, and have a stress-free life. But here in East Tech the only thing you’ll see kids doing is trying to survive.

I learned the hard way about procrastination, my least favorite word. We all do it, even teachers do it. I’m not saying there’s a way to get rid of it; however, there is a way to surpass it. See, I love naps, I also have a job, and play a sport outside of school, so homework is my lowest priority at the end of the day. The term teamwork makes the dream work really does get the job done, trust me. When they say make friends in high school, actually do it. They’ll be the one helping you out at the end of the day when you need help with homework and study guides, as long as you also return the favor in the future.

It’s funny how at East Tech, lunch isn’t about eating anymore. It’s more of trying to finish the homework that’s due in less than 30 minutes. We constantly remind ourselves to stop procrastinating because we regret the stress that comes with it, but we simply can’t help it. That’s the thing about going to East Tech, stress comes with it, so you might as well enjoy it while it lasts.

Like I said, going to East Tech comes with stress. The only thing we can do about it is to find a way to ease up so we don’t crave the feeling to blow up constantly.

I’ve learned that the NURSE will be your best friend. Have an intense headache and don’t want to listen to that long lecture you’ve already heard from last class? Ask for a pass to the nurse and enjoy that 15 minute nap, because that’s all you can get. Take a minute and enjoy the city view; we are on top of the mountain, so we might as well enjoy that and the air that comes along with it.

Having an anxiety attack? Take a trip to the banquet hall bathrooms and enjoy the biggest stall for space and silence. It works all the time and no one really goes there. Stress is going to be a part of our lives, dealing with it is what we have to look out for.

In realization, there are no cliques to find when you walk in the cafeteria and observe. No jocks and cheerleaders to see, because our school doesn’t have any sports. Nerds? That’s basically everybody that attends the school. Observing the cafeteria, everybody looks the same, doing homework with a side of pizza. In high school we constantly make and lose friends, and that’s the way it goes, and it’s normal. There’s no permanency when it comes to friends, especially lunch tables. Just know no matter what, it’s okay to jump around from group to group.

At the end of day, we should all be proud we’ve made it this far. Not a lot of people can handle the stress we go through day by day. Surviving is what we thrive for and that’s fine. Just know that making the best out of everything is more than enough. Stay lit Titans.