Why America needs a Republican


Iane Gallardo

The presidential elections are coming up and we’re down to Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Donald Trump. Though majority of people in America root for the Democratic views, here are three insights as to why a republican should win the elections.

America needs more discipline. We’ve become so used to depending on the government to offer us help that we’ve become so lazy. For instance, people that get free housing from welfare and free food from EBT cards take this as an opportunity that they don’t need to find jobs and have a better lifestyle because everything is being handed to them. Instead of using all these resources to people that use the advantages for the wrong reasons, why don’t we invest the money to find jobs so we could help them get out of poverty.

It always comes back to the topic of “immigrants.” People all over the world come to the United States to seek widespread opportunities they could not have gotten from their own country. Thus, when the word “immigration” is brought up during debates, people are extremely interested in what the candidate has to say.  Typically people assume that democrats are pro-immigration and republicans are anti-immigration. In reality, Obama’s the first president who deported the most immigrants during presidency, deporting more than 2.5 million people (Rogers, T., 2016). The reason as to why republicans express the problem of immigration all comes back to the topic of taxes. There’s three kinds of people in the United States: the undocumented, working residents, and citizens. Usually those who go through the process of getting in the country legally are the working residents, who later on can become citizens after meeting all the requirements to be one. The difference between the undocumented and the two is that the undocumented people, which are those who come to the country illegally, do not have to pay government taxes, whereas the residents and citizens do. According to the Department of Homeland Security, there is a total of 12 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S. since 2012, thus bypassing their role into giving back to the country by paying taxes. This is where the republican views express the problem of immigrants. There should be NO reason as to why an immigrant cannot be a citizen. It’s time where regulation is put into place and stop those who are bypassing the law.

Socialism at its finest. Lately, Bernie Sanders have been on the spotlight for his ideas. Free education, healthcare, and wants the rich to pay more and the poor to pay less. Basically, he wants the government to give out free education and free healthcare. But where is all the money coming from? From taxpayers! In reality, there’s no such thing as FREE, despite the meaning of the word, someone is still paying for it. Free education and healthcare means higher taxes. If people are already struggling with paying the taxes today, what makes Bernie say that people will survive this one? As well as the desire of the rich paying higher taxes. Some people didn’t work themselves to the top just so they could pay more money on taxes for being rich. Those in the lower class should not get the advantage. Everyone’s equal and should have equal opportunity; if they have a problem with where they are now, it’s up to them to change their lifestyle. Besides, Bernie Sanders wants to bring back socialism. He should get the hint that if it never worked before, it still wouldn’t work today.