A Senior’s Experience


The name of my (Wargen Guittap’s) project is “The Treeless Treehouse” and I worked with Jason Zafra and Joshua Llamas. Rather than using a tree, we decided to build our house on stilts. Since we live in a desert, it is almost impossible to find trees that we could build our house on. So, we as a team agreed to make a house with a similar concept to a treehouse.

Overall, I felt like this project challenged me both mentally and physically. I have never faced something like this before. This project forced me to trust my teammates, because I could not do this all on my own. I was always the type to shoulder the team, but in this case we all had to be there for each other. If one of us slacked behind then the whole group slacked behind.

Throughout the whole project, I doubted myself. I would think about how easy would it be if we just did something as simple as a deck or a bed, but I doubt that if we did a project like that I would be as happy as I am right now. When we finished the project, I just stood there for 5 minutes, looking at what we had created. It’s crazy to think that we were able to accomplish what was in front of me! This project was made with all our heart and I am glad that we got it finished.

If we could have done something differently or if we could change something, it would be our time. If we had more time then we would have added insulation and shingles on our roof. However, we didn’t have the equipment to go on the roof and we didn’t have the time to put insulation in, so we went with natural insulation, which worked fine. Another thing I would change is the fact that I didn’t record that much. I wish I would have recorded more so that the video we put together of the process would have been longer. Since we had to work super hard it was impossible for me to find the time to record.

All in all, I have no regrets with this project. We plan on selling it, and if that doesn’t fall through then I will be taking it home with me. There is no way I will be leaving that in the construction lab because it is a reminder of our time here at East Tech. They say that your senior project represents you as a person. If this is true, then Jason, Josh and I must be incredible people!