Women’s History Month

There are about 3,148,059,380 women in the world.  March is the month to appreciate and recognize all women and honor the outstanding contributions they have made to change history.

Women’s History month is important to recognize and focus on because history books and political arenas are overrun with the accomplishments of men, while the recognition for women’s accomplishments is long overdue. The first National Women’s Month was declared in 1987. This global project allows all women to feel valid and appreciated. The purpose of National Women’s History month is solely to make women feel proud to be women!

“It’s 2016 and people are still being sexist; applying gender roles that put people in a box.”.

– Henry G., 16-year-old GV HS student.

The fight for women’s rights has been a never-ending battle, especially in countries where cultures still oppress women. Most people recognize that this month is important, while others believe that it is unfair for men; however, we have 11 other months where the world admires men- in textbooks, in wars, in political issues.

“It’s important to remember we did not always have the rights we have now. Even though we still have a lot to work on, we have made many improvement.”

-Margarita Leteriely, Grade 10, ECE program at ECTA.

The many faces of women who have made an impact should be recognized in textbooks and articles. The lack of positivity in the female community should be worked on; women should celebrate women, respecting each other instead of shaming each other.

Every single person should recognize national Women’s Month. It is a month to treasure a beautiful gender’s history and admire the battles women have won.