Fall or Winter?

A conflict between the seasons. Some say they prefer fall due to the color changing leaves, pumpkin spices, Halloween, knit scarves, or Thanksgiving. Others say winter because Christmas, having two weeks off, bonfires, Christmas music, and the hot cocoa.

If Amanda Alibangbang had the decision between these two seasons, she’d say winter, or possibly winter forever! “There are many reasons why I enjoy it so much. I love Christmas music, it brightens my day. Whatever season it is I’ll be jammin’ to all those songs. Another reason is I simply love the weather. Sadly, in Vegas, it only drops 60 degrees for winter, but it is worth it since it’s only like that for a matter of time.  I. LOVE. THE. FOOD. I don’t care if it’s just hot cocoa or candy canes. It’s delicious just to eat or drink something warm during the season and it just melts in your mouth. My favorite one would be this Filipino dish that consists of porridge. It’s a type of soup that has an option of a type of meat with spring onions and a rice consistency. In the Philippine’s culture it is called Arroz Caldo. The winter months just make me happy.”

As for Katrina Nazaire, she would choose Fall. She says, “I chose fall because of how the weather is and how I get to express whoI am through the clothes I wear. For example, I get to wear knitted scarves, big sweaters, boots, and leggings. I love going to pumpkin patches because when I go I can choose which pumpkin I like and I get to carve it.  There are several pumpkins at the patch and it’s so nice because you can choose the one that catches your attention. It’s just a unique way of expressing who are. During the fall season it really is about showing who you truly are, whether it’s selecting a pumpkin or choosing a Halloween costume.”


In conclusion, you read the both sides of the conflict, now all we need is the truth, which one do you decide, Fall or Winter?