Litzy’s Sport life experience


Litzy and her team members after a long day of practice

Something New

   People are used to doing the same things, but  when there is a sudden change, not everyone can take  it the same way, it just depends on your personality on how you will. This happened to Litzy Mendoza. She is a freshman at East Career and Technical Academy, and is involved in the Sports and Medicine program. 

   Mendoza was interviewed with a series of questions which she gladly agreed to answer. She first began by telling us why she decided to play basketball. “I first started to play basketball because there wasn’t a soccer team and I’m used to always playing a sport. So I joined basketball.” answered Mendoza. 

   Joining a basketball team and also having to balance her school work she says, “It’s hard to be honest, because you have to have time for practices and games but also coming home to do homework for eight classes.”

   Some advice Litzy would give to someone who is planning on joining a sport next year she says, “You need to have good time management, like I plan what I’m doing and when I am.” So if you want to join a sports team next year, be sure to plan ahead of time.

   Mendoza states, “I love the fact that it’s competitive and its indoors so it’s not like soccer where you are getting burnt out in the sun. Also, how it takes a lot of teamwork resulting in, and how you have a close bond with everyone.”

   Besides all the beautiful moments in this experience, there were also many negative outcomes. Mendoza explains, “Playing basketball I have broken/fractured my jaw due to being hit in the face with an elbow during the game. I have hurt my knee resulting in me having to get an MRI, although I injured it in soccer but playing basketball made the pain return. Lastly, I’ve gotten a busted lip and small injuries to the face.”

   Litzy has gone very far to accomplish her dreams, and she advises this to everyone else. Your limitation – it’s only your imagination.