LVL UP Expo 2020

Welcome to LVL UP Expo 2020!


Escobar-Vides, Rigo

LVL UP Expo is the number one video game, technology, comics, and anime convention in Las Vegas and has a lot to offer to any interested visitor. The purpose of the LVL UPexpo is to bring together the gaming community in a three day annual event, with this now being the 5th year in a row being hosted in Las Vegas. The expo had a esports area for tournaments and casual gaming, interactive panels, scavenger hunts, pro wrestling, escape rooms, and much more. The ECTA Esports club team competed in the Smash Bros. tournament, and the top five students from ECTA represented the school at LVL UP Expo.

In the first picture to the left, the ECTA team is practicing and warming up before the big game starts. A couple of them would made it far into the tournament as top 64 in a 128 person tournament, but the rest did not. Luke, Bretch, and Dario Esquivel were eliminated early on winning only one or two games. However, Nolan Visitacion and Andrew Badillo would be the ones to step up to the challenge and went up against some of the best Smash Bros. players in Las Vegas.

Here can be seen a very intense match between Nolan (on the left), ECTA student and the number one Smash Ultimate player in Las Vegas (on the right), nicknamed FOW. Nolan would not end up being the one to move forward but he did give his opponent a very well fought match.

On the right side of the picture below, we have Andrew, who went up against an even tougher opponent. He even had the opportunity to appear on a live stream as they were playing. After a long and hard fight after two games, Andrew wins the match and goes on to finals in his pool of matches but unfortunately loses.

Throughout the convention, there were merchants selling merchandise that looked aesthetically pleasing. All of the stands were filled with plushies, backpacks, pins, and shirts that were all very bright and stood out for interested souvenir shoppers to visit between the other events taking place. It serves to mention that the gaming world is very interesting as the convention attendees are people who like unique things.

Some interesting features that kept walking around interesting is that you would always be bumping into different trinkets. During the entire event attendees would run into this little moving toaster box in a different location. It would move around slowly and follow some people around. Attendees were not able to figure out the secret on how it was being controlled because it was difficult to see anybody near it with a remote controller of sorts. It served as an entertainment piece and Easter egg because you never knew where it would pop up next.

Another unique experience for the event was the world’s first arcade virtual reality gaming experience. You would pay $8 for a 5 minute experience to play a skiing game, puzzle game, or an arcade style shooter game. It served as a good introduction experience for those that have not been able to play a virtual reality game yet. There were people there to explain the history of the arcade and teach you more about the future of reality gaming.

At the end of the event, they held a pro wrestling match. At least half the people that were walking around the event would all come to gather up around this to watch for 10 minutes. It was so crowded you couldn’t even walk forward to get a closer picture. It was not only cool to see, but it had various humors moments integrated to make the match seem more lively. They would even involve members from the crowd to jump around with the wrestlers. They would run into each other and start small rumbles to keep the momentum going.

According to the LVL UP Expo twitter (@LVLUPEXPO) on February 25, the dates for the 2021 even will be announced soon.