Jessica Arroyo

Zepeda, Mia and Sailor-Cole, Samyra

East Tech has had the honor of gaining new teachers this school year. We had the pleasure to interview Ms. Arroyo, who has been teaching for four years. We asked Ms. Arroyo what made her come to East Tech and she told us, “I was looking for a school site that placed students first with a strong focus on empathy and academics. After hearing so many wonderful things about East Tech, I decided to apply. I was beyond ecstatic when I was hired.” Before teaching, Ms. Arroyo was a waitress. “After I earned my bachelor’s degree, I worked as a substitute teacher and office staff at two school districts in San Diego,” she said. “After I earned my teaching degree, I taught 9th and 10th grade English, as well as English Second Language courses in San Diego, California.” To get to know Ms. Arroyo some more, some of her hobbies include hiking and going to the beach with family. In her free time, she loves to read books from diverse authors. “Currently I am reading The Murmur of Bees by Sofia Segovia. This book was translated from Spanish to English and is full of magical realism and written in the style of Gabriel Garcia Marquez.” If there is anything else you should know about Ms. Arroyo, it is that she loves teaching at ECTA, she is the first, and the only person in her family to graduate from college, she has two children, Kayeen and Thiago, and last but not least, Ms. Arroyo attended a small community college to earn her Associates Degree. “I went on to earn my Bachelor’s Degree from San Diego State University, and then my Master’s Degree in Education from the University of San Diego State,” she said. “I believe, whole-heartedly, that no matter what the situation is that someone is facing, education is always the key to rising above it. Education is the one thing in life that is yours, and yours alone. Once you have it, no one can take it from you. It empowers you and opens doors you never knew existed.” Ms. Arroyo gave us these inspiring words and we totally agree with her. If you see Ms. Arroyo in the hall, make sure you take the time to say hello.