New Semester, New Goals

Garcia, Melanie, Reporter

New semester, new mindset, new focus, new goals, new results. The first semester of this school year has finally come to an end, which means it’s time to start a new one. Fresh starts normally mean new goals, especially when it comes to school. Whether it be the time you do your homework or a new notebook for a class, it’s always good to take advantage of fresh starts. Several students were asked to give their insights and new goals for this new semester. One thing all students had in common was procrastinating. “ Even when I say I will do it on the day it’s given, I always end up doing it last minute” , responded one of our fellow titan. When asked how they would fix that this semester their response was buying a planner. Another student replied with setting a certain time to do homework; both being similar responses. One student said that their new goal for this semester was to ask teachers for help, “ When it comes to something I don’t understand, I get nervous to ask my teachers for help.” When asked what the solution would be to solve that problem, they answered with staying after school or emailing the teacher. Majority of the students that were asked to give their insights to this new semester had a positive attitude towards it. New semester means a new start, even by changing small things you can have.