East Tech Education Internships

Weidner, Tracey

     On January 21, the seniors in the education program started their internships. These internships take place at a chosen elementary school to give the experience of being in a real classroom environment. 

     The education program offers other life experiences such as running the preschool in junior year. Internships are a helpful way to teach students the responsibility necessary to be an elementary school teacher.

     Internship students go out every tuesday-friday depending on when they have their program classes. Students are expected to provide their own transportation to and from their internships. This means students are responsible for getting to their internships on time. 

     Internships are a very exciting time for many education seniors. It gives them the freedom and responsibility that they need while keeping students in check and accountable for their actions. 

     At internships students may be asked to do anything from making copies to teaching lessons to the children. The  education seniors are required to teach at least 3 lessons throughout the internship period. Two of these lessons must be made by the student themselves and the third will be provided by their internship teacher. This is a majority of the internship grade as well as attendance and a log of what happened during your internship days. 

     As most internships, this internship is considered a professional experience. Students are expected to dress and act a certain way in order to represent themselves and the school in a high manner. Students are required to wear clothes that are appropriate for a teaching position, this includes no ripped jeans, no short skirts and no cropped shirts. This gives off the impression that the students are professional and not just high school students. 

     As internships progress through the year, these students will learn how to be involved in a classroom as a teacher figure as well as how to lesson plan and teach information to elementary aged students.