Teacher: Jesi Agbayani

Teacher Interview

East Tech got a lot of new staff members this year. One of the newest people on staff we got was Ms. Jesi Agbayani. Some things you should know about her is that she is a special education teacher, she is from the Philippines, and she loves making people happy by helping them, in case they need her. Lastly, she loves eating and going on adventures. The reason she came to ECTA is because she wanted to share her culture, as well as learn about other cultures too. “I love talking to other people and learning about our own differences,” she stated. Before coming to ECTA she was teaching in a self-contained classroom. “I am teaching individuals with different kinds of ‘abilities,’ like individuals with autism spectrum disorder, individuals who have difficulty seeing, hearing and who have difficulty in mobility.” Ms. Agbayani has been teaching for 4 years, and before coming to ECTA she taught in the Philippines. So far, she loves ECTA because the students here are very smart and awesome. “I wish I could stay here. Unfortunately I can’t because I have to go back to our country after 3-5 years,” she told us. She is looking forward to dealing with more awesome people and learn based on their stories here at ECTA. “I want to have a good experience here before I”ll go back home,” Ms. Agbayani said. Last, but not least, Ms. Agbayani loves greeting people and making them smile. “So, don’t forget to smile everyday because you are awesome!”