Student Athlete Spotlight: Christian Moncayo

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Christian Moncayo, a sophomore here at ECTA, fills us in on what it takes to be a student athlete. Christian Moncayo plays soccer for the HEAT FC, and his skills have won him multiple awards such as the Presidents Cup Trophy, and the Man of The Match. We asked Christian where his priorities lie when it comes to athletics and school work, and he says that he creates a schedule, putting school work first as well as advising to “Always put school first before anything because in order for you to play sports you must do well in school.”

Christian is very skilled in what he does both in school and on the field. He plans on going pro one day, stating “I’m gonna do all I can to become [a pro] and further my education.” However, this isn’t the only thing that he has on his mind. Christian also enjoys playing guitar and boxing, and he says that if his dream of going pro doesn’t happen he would like to do some police work as a career. Christians Instagram is gucci_supreme2018 if anyone would like to contact him and get more information on what it takes to be a student athlete.