Ramirez, Ruby, Reporter

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This is about how two houses come together to demonstrate their own unique abilities in one piece. 


The two houses that come together are House 1 and House 2. The main programs that are part of FCCLA are the education program and the culinary program. The education program is always finding ways to raise funds for their club. Currently, they sell cups of noodles, meat sticks, scrunchies, and elf crackers. Everyone is always welcome to stop by Room 511 or 512 to purchase any of these things. Students who are part of FCCLA go around with a bag of scrunchies and are available to sell them to their peers. The culinary program opens and runs Cafe Bleumont, where they sell and cook food for students who stay after school to study. The culinary program also has bake sales that go on during certain months. In November they have the Thanksgiving bake sale, and in December they hold the Christmas bake sales. They use the money to go to competitions that are out of state. Students compete to win awards and medals. The days that they meet are always moved around, so they don’t have a permanent schedule at the moment. All students that are in the education and culinary programs are welcome to join. Any more questions on FCCLA students are more than welcomed to talk to Ms. Pheasant, Ms. Workman or Chef Zdanis.