Middle School to High School Transition

Lopez, Aliyah and Dixon, Deyprie

The transition from middle school to high school can be hard on incoming freshmen. This introduces the idea of middle schools, in which after elementary school, students don’t just go straight to high school. But, it is still a difficult transition. According to K-12 engagement, “Recent research shows that a smooth transition to ninth grade contributes to students’ success in high school and beyond (Oakes & Waite, 2009).” This shows how the transition from middle school to high school can affect success in high school and personal dropout rate. Social and developmental adjustment is impactful and crucial.


We interviewed a freshman and a senior to see how they found the transition from middle school to high school. The senior said he found his transition from middle school to high school awkward and scary, and he didn’t have any friends because he struggled to make them. The freshmen said, “It was very easy, honestly. It had its challenges but I easily found people to go through it with.” This shows how for some people it can be really hard and for some people it can be a very smooth transition. This also demonstrates how making friends can help you ease your transition. Both of the interviewees think that high school is difficult and that in middle school teacher helped students a lot. They both continue to have friends from middle school and enjoy high school. Others said it was really difficult and they couldn’t really find themselves, or fit into a “category.” Another freshman we interviewed said, “I didn’t really have any friends or anyone to talk to, and I felt really overwhelmed with the amount of work! I had never had this amount of work, but after a while, I got used to it.¨ She also added that issues about how she dressed and how her body looked started entering her mind.


To ease the transition from middle school to high school The California Career center suggests:

  • Get to know your campus and administrators.
  • Make a four-year highschool plan-you can ask for the assistance of a parent or counselor.
  • Get involved in afterschool activities,sports,or clubs.
  • Stay and your work and don’t procrastinate as you will be more free.
  • Plan or schedule times for homework and other activities.
  • Talk with a counselor, teacher or other staff, if you have any problems or questions.
  • Make friends and have fun!


*All information above was derived from https://www.calcareercenter.org/Home/Content?contentID=81 and https://k12engagement.unl.edu/strategy-briefs/Middle%20to%20High%20School%20Transition%2010-31-2013.pdf*