Preparing for the ACTs

Garcia, Melanie, Reporter

East Tech Juniors will be taking the ACT’s around the beginning of the year next year. The ACT’s (American College Test) is a very important that juniors across the nation are mandated to take. Preparing and studying for the test is very much needed. 3 juniors were asked to take a quick survey about how they will prepare for the ACT’s. Out of the 3 juniors only 2 will go to the ACT boot camp. None of the juniors stay after school for the ACT tutoring. All 3 of the juniors will buy the ACT practice book. The juniors were also asked if they prefer to study with a friend or alone, only 1 of the juniors said they like to study with a friend. Some ways that you can prepare for the ACT’s are going to the ACT boot camp, after school tutoring for english is held in room 901 on thursdays and math is held in room 502 on mondays. You can also purchase the ACT practice book.

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