Southwest Gas Makes Donation to ECTA

Hall, Lauren

Southwest Gas donated a top of the line welder to ECTA.

Southwest Gas spoke to ECTA students about the company, what the company does, and the benefits of working for their company. Southwest Gas surprised the students by donating a stick welder to the welding program for their College of Southern Nevada (CSN) Welding program that would start the following week. The company wanted to make sure that the students have the newest welder to learn through their CSN course. 

During the presentation, Southwest Gas stated that careers available in their company are construction tech (help install pipelines), customer service, contractor, engineering and training. They spoke about customer service and discussed how they make sure everything is working properly and then make little repairs. Also, they talked about how all the training is provided and taught by instructors within the company. They also discussed construction and how they do the hard labor of the company. They train their employees before letting them begin and they offer CSN credits and apply them to their own high school career. Students that decide to go through with the training through CSN can get paid to learn, so college tuition is very low.

Southwest Gas was founded in 1931 Arizona, California and Nevada. Southwest gas contributes to us through eating and buses. NV Energy buys a lot of gas from Southwest and they use that gas for jet plane engines to create energy. Some benefits of working for Southwest gas are fun entertainment, vacation time, and a 401K.