School Safety

East Tech Principal Mrs. Delgado Says Priority Number One Is Safety.

East Tech’s students and staff have recently been overwhelmed by the presence of police on campus, with the addition of an office dedicated for police officers on campus, which is located in the cafeteria to the right side of the stage.

Many of America’s students are afraid of interacting with staff or officers due to social stigma, but Mrs. Delgado wants students to understand that the new procedure is not an effect from East Tech’s students. Delgado hopes everyone recognizes that the new safety procedures are a district wide initiative, being enforced for the safety of students and staff.

Occasionally students at East Tech will notice K-9 units being utilized at campus to confiscate potential drugs or weapons on campus. Delgado states the searches will occur on campus and be randomized from the CCSD Police Services and occur with no notice to any staff.

Mrs. Delgado as a parent herself urges parents to have open communications with students and stay informed about events that occur on campus. Resources exist for students and parents to review on campus like, the National Suicide Prevention, Lifeline ,and much more which are posted on bulletin boards in every classroom.

Mrs. Delgado strongly encourages school IDs to be worn. Wearing IDs are a district policy and strongly vitalized by staff at school. Utilization of IDS can help identify students more quickly than most and provides a safer environment at school.  Staff members don’t know everyone’s name, however they recognize student faces which can help a lot. Mrs. Delgado stated that she caught two kids walking around the quad area. Delgado stopped them and asked them where they were intending to go. They said they were trying to go around the campus. She did not accept their excuse, and the kids ran into a car. It was assumed that they were not students at East Tech. They were also wearing backpacks, so they might have had other plans.

With Halloween on the horizon, East Tech’s students have planned out ideas for costumes on the holiday. Ms.Delgado wants to remind students that costumes cannot be worn on campus during school hours for the safety of students. She states that the teachers are also expected to follow a certain curriculum and by wearing a costume it would distract the students from learning. Students are allowed to wear them at the East Tech carnival coming up for Halloween with some exceptions; Students are only allowed to wear school appropriate costumes and are not allowed to wear masks for identification reasons. Safety is number one for all students and staff.