Key Club Preparing for Region 5 Training Conference


photo courtesy to Key Club’s Twitter @ECTAKeyClub

Dabu, Katelyn, Reporter

photo courtesy to Key Club’s Twitter @ECTAKeyClub

It hasn’t been long since school started, but there’s already a lot of school spirit in the air. From community service to spirit chants, Key Club is working hard to fill the school environment with spirit. 

Key Club members have been making an effort in perfecting their performances for their big day, the Region 5 Training Conference. They are rallying up for RTC on Saturday, October 26. The 13-hour event contains educational workshops, community service projects, and most importantly, a spirited battle between other Key Clubbers for the spirit stick. Key Club member, Katie Parker said, “I feel that as a Key Club member and anyone else in Key Club can show school spirit by getting included in all that the club has to offer.” She also goes into how the members are involved in volunteering to help East Tech and how the club has fantastic and lively energy radiating from them. 

Although RTC is being held at Green Valley High School, it will still bring back a lot of positivity and spirit back at East Tech. Students in our school have been showing their amazing school spirit, have you?