ECTA Climate Walkout

Student Strike For Climate


Jackie Chiakulas, 350 Nevada

Students gather outside East Tech for the global climate strike. Picture credit: Jackie Chiakulas, 350 Nevada

Weidner, Tracey, Reporter

Students all around the city of Las Vegas walked out of their classrooms today to protest the government’s lack of concern relating to climate change. On Friday, September 20, East Tech students were encouraged by student leaders to take part in the eleven minute climate strike taking place at the flagpole. Administration supported this cause, ensuring that all students taking part in this strike were not reprimanded for their participation. 

The Las Vegas school climate strikes were organized by youth leaders in the community as well as organizations including 350 Nevada and Sunrise Movement Las Vegas. 

The climate strike consisted of speak outs as well as chants. The biggest part of the school climate strikes enforced was the pledge that students were urged to sign. These pledge sheets went to 350 Nevada’s organization leader who is planning on reaching out to all students who signed these sheets to take further climate saving action. 

The student run strikes were only the beginning of the climate action in the Las Vegas valley. On Friday night the youth as well as adults gathered on the strip to further raise awareness for this growing issue. This strike was held by 350 Nevada and Sunrise Movement Las Vegas as well as many other environmental groups stationed in Las Vegas. 

Just like the school strikes, the climate strikes held on the strip largely included youth due to the fact that the climate crisis most directly concerns the youth’s future. 

The main message gained from both of these strikes was that the climate crisis is real and there’s 11 years to combat the climate crisis before there’s irreversible damage on the earth.