East Tech Welcomes Ms. Tirrnananzi

Franco Salgado, Ashley, Reporter

In 1980, Maryanne Tirinnanzi was picked out from her class to tutor a junior level biology class for Vietnam veterans. Considering it an honor, she accepted the job and was hired by the Veterans Administration. This is where her love for teaching first began.

While furthering the education of others, she also continued her education, eventually earning her Master of Public Health (MPH) at the graduate school at UNLV. Not only does she educate others, but she also helps students get into colleges of all types. Tirinnanzi also encourages students to enter science fairs and helps them earn money for those projects.

When asked if she enjoys teaching, Tirinnanzi replied by saying that it was her true calling and wants to die teaching. She thinks of teaching like her daily caffeine because it gets her going in the mornings.

She wakes up excited to come to ECTA. Not only does she get to use her MPH, but health also happens to be her favorite subject. She says that ECTA is like teaching on a college campus in Malibu. She loves collaborating with other teachers and being able to bounce ideas off of each other.

She also loves to call her sister, Dr. Rosemary Tirinnanzi Lesser, who has ane M.D. in OB/GYN, to ask for updates on the latest news in the medical world. Tirinnanzi says that she has her sister on speed dial and talks to her several times a day. “Rosemary, did you read the latest study on the antibiotic resistant gonorrhea?”

In her spare time, not that she has much of it, Tirinnanzi takes care of her 4 ponies, 1 horse, and all of her rescue cats. Before going to work, she wakes up and takes care of all her animals. A lover of animals for all her life, she enjoys taking caring for them and can never have enough of them.