East Tech Welcomes Ms. Stubitz

Cuellar, Erick, Reporter

Quick Facts about Ms. Stubitz

  • Ms. Stubitz is 29 years old and she was born in Henderson, NV. (Reporter did get permission to publish her age)
  • She has been teaching for 8 years.
  • What influenced or made her want to teach was her mom and also the fact that she was good at math and enjoyed math. She has always helped other students with math homework. 
  • Ms. Stubitz’s hobbies consist of  doing yoga, cooking, kayaking, hiking, hanging out with her dogs, spending time with family, her 2 nieces and one nephew. 
  • One of the most memorable places she visited was Cuba. She says the people there are nice and friendly and the whole environment is friendly as well. 
  • Ms. Stubitz does not have a favorite type of music because she likes several types of music including: R&B,  Hip-Hop, Country Rock, and so on. She loves to attend music festivals. 
  • Some of her pet peeves as a teacher are asking students if they did their homework and they have no idea that they even had homework, also when she buys materials and they break. 
  • What is the MAP testing? She said that it is a diagnostic test to see where the students are at and where the teachers can help them and improve their weaknesses.