East Tech Welcomes Mr. Zaldana

Espitia, Jaydon and Peck, Ayriana

Introducing Luis Zaldana, a new teacher to East Tech. Mr. Zaldana has been teaching for 12 years now and is very excited to be a part of the East Tech family. 

Why East Tech? He came from Sunrise Mountain High School and had some friends that teach here. Mr. Zaldana has “heard some amazing things about this school and staff.” So when given the opportunity to teach here, he took it and went to an interview. During this interview with Ms. Delgado, he could see “the heart and the vision of this school” and it made him feel like “a family he wanted to become a part of.” 

As a teacher he wants to… learn together and with students, challenge and help students, and build on the success of others. He believes that education is for “human flourishing” and views his job as a contribution to students. 

While teaching, he…has a strong belief that students should have a voice and that the classroom should have a community feel where people can learn from each other.

If you were a student at East Tech, What program would you be in & why? He would pick a program in house 3 because he teaches it & the program he would pick would be automotive because he took it for a semester in high school.

What excites you most about teaching?  Learning as in teaching others, the students, & getting challenged by students.


Favorite Things

What is your favorite type of music? His favorite type of music is diverse & alternative rock. What is your favorite band? His favorite band is the Red Hot Chili Peppers & John Mayer. 

What are your favorite hobbies? He likes photography and use to play in a band.

 What is your favorite color? His favorite color is ash grey.

What is your favorite food type? His favorite food type is Italian.

What is your favorite time of year/season? His favorite time of year/season is fall.

What is your spirit animal & why? He would be a turtle because he likes being in solitary and is always alone. When he is ready he’ll put himself out there. If he had to say a “cooler” one it would be a wolf.

What is your favorite holiday? His favorite holiday is Christmas.

What is your favorite movie? His favorite movie is The Godfather Part 2.