Bulletin Board Art

Ramirez, Ruby, Reporter

Students pass the halls rushing to get class to class not noticing the art work that covers the halls. There are students who take their time and talent working on amazing pieces of art. It’s time that we stop for a couple seconds and look at the work around us.

Ms. Julie Harper runs art. She is currently focusing on teaching her students about the human face. She wants them to learn the shading that they need in order to make the face look real. Ms.Julie started by, letting them draw something. She then taught them how to shade, to make the art look more realistic. Ms. Julie reversed things around and required them to fill their whole page, with pencil until no white spots could be seen.She then made them go in with an eraser and draw a human face by all the shaded areas. She then made them fill in their work with ink. The next thing she wanted them to create was a human face shading using ink and water. They would need to add water to make parts of the face lighter and more ink to parts where the face is darker. This would help them be familiar with shaded faces but continue working on making it look realistic as possible. Ms. Harper has many more upcoming art works she would like her students to create but most importantly focuses on all the hard work that her students are putting into the work.

Next time you’re rushing through the hall stop for a second and appreciate the work that the art students do to make our halls look more alive. If you see human faces covering our halls walls, you will now know that it’s the big thing our art students are working on. Just as much as you would want someone to appreciate your work. Take the same amount to appreciate their art work.