East Tech Welcomes Ticey Christenson

5 questions to get to know Ms. Christenson better

Villeda Lira, Jose, Reporter

As the school year of 19-20 comes to a new beginning, so is the education experience of 23 new teachers at East Career and Technical Academy. In which of them is Ticey Christenson, a social studies teacher, who teaches US and World History. It was a delightful experience to interview Ms. Christenson about her new position at the CTA school.

Q: Before coming to East Tech, what did you teach and where?

I used to teach at a middle school, named Mack Middle school, where I taught US history. I taught history for 15 years throughout the valley. Which means, I didn’t just teach at one particular location. 

Q: Some favorite hobbies? 

Some of my favorite hobbies that I love to do on my free time are karate, camping, horseback riding, snowboarding, and lastly, a teacher’s favorite, reading. 

Q: What are you looking forward to in your classes?
Very good question, I love the discussions we have in class of a certain topic because they’re very well rounded and I love the relationships with my students and classes. I look forward to having more of these. I also look forward to going to their graduations and their prom dances. Which applies for Seniors and Juniors. Lastly, I look forward to having a greater and closer relationship bonds with every single one of my classes. 

Q: Why did you decide to teach in this school?
I decided to teach here because I taught in middle schools for a couple years and then I decided to help students at an older level and help prepare students for the real world, and most importantly, college. It can benefit them in many ways and help them succeed to careers like lawyers, geographers, history instructors, and many more, in which you need a History Major in Bachelors or higher. 

Q: How was your experience so far?

I had a great experience so far on these 4 weeks and it’s a lot of fun. It turned out better than I thought. My classes have fantastic students and I have high hopes for the year. I look forward to teaching many more students and upperclassmen during the upcoming annual school years. 


East Tech staff and students look forward to getting to know Ms. Chrtistenson more better throughout the year and see her academic success and performance in the 2019/20 school year.