Walkout at East Tech

On March 14, 2018, students from East Tech walked out for the 17 lives who couldn’t. Throughout the walkout, they decided to take 17 minutes of silence to show respect for the ones who lost their lives and for their families.

Many students decided to walk out that day of to show respect and to show what they stand for. Taking part of this nationwide school walkout against gun violence brought out many emotions. Jocelyn Sanchez, a student at East Tech said, “At first I thought it wasn’t going to happen, but after I heard it in the news, I considered it more because it was a chance to bring all students together and speak out on what we believe.” Julieta Garcia, another student at East Tech, thought the walkout was a good idea. “It was a nonviolent protest and therefore we’re not doing anything wrong or against the law; we did it for a change. People seem to notice that we aren’t doing anything bad, so they don’t stop us.”

“Having East Tech students unite together was really nice to see” said Julieta Garcia. Change is one of the many ideas that the community wants; the community needs to feel safe. Showing how we unite together to fight gun control is what we want to show officials. It’s time to make change.