SEN18R Projects and Their Path to Their Grand Day


Mrs. Rawson at East Tech’s Freshman Orientation. Photo Credit: Kelli Workman

Nicole Chavez Martinez

It’s that time again where seniors are focused on their senior projects as they get a step closer to graduation and entering the real world. The class of 2018 at ECTA are in different programs, meaning that the variation in projects is close to endless. Mrs. Rawson, the creator of the senior project, has designed this amazing project to demonstrate the mastery of the tenets and growth of East Tech students while preparing them for college life. March 16th, 2018 is Senior Celebration Day, which celebrates the hardwork of the seniors, and May 30th, 2018, the class of 2018 graduates at The Orleans Arena.

Trying to stay on top of deadlines, college applications, and coursework is hard and very stressful. Seniors must maintain their focus throughout the year to maintain good grades and be successful within this project.

Alexa Magtoto on her way to take her senior picture.
Photo Credit: Alexa Magtoto

Fellow medical student, Alexa Magtoto, bases her project on “medical marijuana and how it should be used on patients who have multiple medical problems.” When asked about how well she is meeting deadlines, she said, “Yes, I’m meeting deadlines, and my research paper could use more information because the connections aren’t as strong as I want them to be to provide good credibility to my thesis.” Alexa is most excited to present on senior celebration day because she gets to show all her hard work over the course of months and the impact medical marijuana truly has in the medical field.

Fellow culinary arts program student, Ebduy Ramirez, is also excited about senior celebration day. Ebduy is focusing his senior project around how appearance affects us as we eat, how color plays a role in food, and that it appeals to a consumer, trying to prove the point that we eat with our eyes. When asked on how successful he has been in meeting deadlines, he stated, “Yes, I am, and my senior research paper is mostly done. I just need a little editing to do.” Ebduy is also excited for senior celebration day because he gets to show his work and hopefully prove his point and its importance.

Mrs. Rawson at East Tech’s Freshman Orientation. Photo Credit: Kelli Workman

The star of it all is senior project coordinator and creator, Mrs. Rawson. Mrs. Rawson is always here to help seniors out at any moment in time and has been doing this project since 2011. One of the main reasons Mrs. Rawson thinks this project is important is because it allows “students to show their mastery of the tenets and their growth and gain in preparation for college, especially,  the paper, and it is also a great way to showcase projects here at ECTA.” Mrs. Rawson knows this project is not only challenging for students, but it can be challenging for teachers because it can be difficult when they are stressed, busy, and are needed to mentor students, and distribute supplies and information. Mrs. Rawson is very excited yet very sad about graduation, “ I don’t think seniors realize that they are almost done with their last first semester of high school,” yet, she’s very excited to see what the future hold for the class of 2018.

Both Alexa and Ebduy are anxious and excited to graduate this year. Alexa has plans to attend UNLV and study Pre Med, while Ebduy plans to attend UNR or SUU and enter the field of Forensic Science. We wish our fellow seniors a wonderful senior year and have high hopes for our Titan alumni outside of East Tech. Senior celebration is March 16th and graduation is May 30th; save the dates!

If you have any questions about the senior project, please contact Mrs. Rawson at [email protected]