Seniors celebrate Grad Night at Disneyland and California Adventure


Shannon Brown

On Saturday, May 6, 2017, the senior class of East Career and Technical Academy celebrated their grad night at Disneyland’s California Adventure Park.

They started off visiting the Santa Monica Pier and then spend the rest of the day in Disneyland.  The park closed down at 9:00pm,  but the California Adventure Park stayed open for seniors to enjoy the rides and the music for grad night.

The students were chaperoned by many teachers and were expected to follow CCSD policy while on the trip, including school dress code.  Due to the space on the bus, each student was allowed to bring a bag no larger than the size of a regular gym bag and a small backpack to carry around the park with them. Aside from these regulations, Disneyland also had a list  of things the students could not bring into the park,  which included:  wagons, drones, bicycles, motorcycles, tricycles, unicycles and pogo sticks. Aside from all of the regulations, the seniors had freedom to ride all of the rides  and enjoy the rest of the park and all it had to offer!

The senior trip started off early Saturday morning; the seniors met at the school at 4:00am and planned to leave at 5:00am. However, one of the buses was discovered to have a flat tire, which created an hour and a half delay. The students were finally on the road around 6:45am, but due to the delay they had to skip the stop at the Santa Monica Pier.

Heading straight to Disneyland, after a food stop in Barstow, the students arrived at Disneyland around noon and were searched down by security and guard dogs before entering the park. The students and chaperones were free to venture both Disneyland and the California Adventure parks from noon to 9:00pm. At 9:00 everyone met up outside of Disney’s California Adventure and from there they were restricted to that park.  At 10:00pm grad night began. With a DJ playing top hits, the park was full of energetic teenagers dancing their way through the ride lines.

However, not everyone was so full of energy. Some students were found inside restaurants and bathrooms, taking naps or simply just escaping the weather, as it was raining and cold all night. At one point, around 1 am, it even started to hail! Everyone was running around frantically trying to escape the hail and rain, but they also wanted to make the best of the night and enjoy the music and the rides. After the night ended, the students rushed to the buses as quickly as they could. On the way home, every student was sound asleep on the buses, wrapped up in cozy blankets and relaxing after a fun, yet long and cold, memorable senior trip.