East Tech Salutatorian Living Her Life


Cianna Gundayao

Whether it be working on a project or working on her guitar skills, Chaela Gundayao surely is one woman of talent and intellect.

Chaela is currently a senior at East Career and Technical Academy, studying in the medical program.  She is known to be one of the most hard working students of the whole senior class, as she is a candidate for the salutatorian position above the whole class of 2017. With her perfect grades and committed character, Chaela believes she will do well after high school.

“Graduation is scary, but I know I will be okay — I believe in myself,” commented Chaela.

Along with her determined personality, Chaela is quite popular around school due to her uniqueness. She is a bright and positive light in students’ lives, and she continues to encourage those in times of trouble. Chaela also has an unusual trait as she, herself, has a twin sister.

Together, the Gundayao twins live to confuse friends and teachers whenever they walk around the hallways of East Tech. When asked about how it felt to be a twin, Chaela expressed, “It’s fun, but sometimes I just want to be known for my own accomplishments.”

Not only does Chaela have educational success and popularity, she is also involved within her community. Chaela is the Key Club bulletin board editor and often helps in volunteer experiences such as working in soup kitchens, marathons, and service events. “Key Club has become a huge part of my life, and it is something that I enjoy because I love community service!” Chaela claims. She has been apart of the organization for more than a year and plans to continue her service as she moves on to UNLV Honors College.