East Tech Prepares for AP Exams

East Tech Prepares for AP Exams

As the school year comes to an end, the students of East Tech start to prepare for not only the summer, but the AP exams they expect to take as well. Although the AP courses are technically finished, the students don’t stop working just yet, as the exam will determine how well they have mastered the material in their AP courses.

When asked about their opinions on the upcoming tests, students were generally confident in that they will do well.

“I believe I’ll do well on my AP US Government test since my teacher taught us well,” commented Melanie Pu.

Overall confidence and high self esteem were evident in the majority of the students interviewed. However, a few showed their fear and anxiety for the tests as Chaela Gundayao said,

“I’m very scared for my AP Stats test. It’s just so much to remember so I don’t know how I will do.”

Since the exams start in just a few more weeks, it is common for students to be nervous about their tests, but for many, the AP exams should be manageable.

Nevertheless, East Tech students are preparing with all of their effort and are making sure to study frequently for the time being. Whatever the exam scores will be, East Tech knows that its student are striving to exceed the college course exams so that they can be on top of the mountain.