Wedding Planning: Hit or Flop?

Wedding Planning: Hit or Flop?

Danna Cabrera and Julie Penaloza, Leslie Kain (Editor)

The long awaited senior projects have finally rolled around the corner at East Tech. Students fill the hallways with their eye catching projects which they’ve been working on all year. Planning and putting it all together for this special day can be a hassle, but our class of 2017 showed themselves worthy of getting it done.

Jennifer Molina, a senior in the Marketing program, was the student we decided to interview and highlight.

Right from the get go, her poster board and set up stood out to us. She had a very organized, cute themed wedding table in the corner of the banquet hall. Jennifer’s project was based on wedding planning and catering; she baked a three tier cake and a dish of cupcakes as part of her visual aid. Her project was an example of outstanding effort and professionalism; it was evident that she had spent long and hard hours on her project (30-40 hours to be exact).

On her board she included the pros and cons of having a wedding planner. She described how having one lifts the stress off of a person’s shoulders, but at the same time can have its downfalls. She conducted a research study and provided much information and statistics. Overall, listening to her presentation was very intriguing.

When asked how she felt about her presentation, she said.

“Yeah, I’m pretty satisfied.  I liked the way my table was set up, and just everything.”

We could see why she felt this way, because of her striking display.

According to Jennifer, her idea for her project of wedding planning and catering had been thought of a year prior. She did have her doubts and temporarily switched to doing a face mask project, but kept her original idea in the end.

Regarding the whole process and project itself, Jennifer said,

“The process was really stressful; there were a lot of little things I had to do so that everything could turn out the way I wanted it to.”

As far as we could tell, senior projects are no joke. While they may require lots of time, work, and dedication, the end results are truly something to look forward to.

Jennifer’s last piece of advice to upcoming seniors was,

“Don’t procrastinate, don’t do everything last minute, start from when they give you the project and have options for what you might want to do the year before.”