Senior Projects: What I Learned From It

Senior Projects: What I Learned From It

Cianna Gundayao, Iane Gallardo (Editor)

These past few months,  I have had the honor and pleasure of working on the most prestigious project based learning (PBL) assignment offered here at East Tech: the Senior Project.

Being able to collaborate with my partner, Cheala Gundayao, was truly an enriching experience that helped me expand my leadership and teamwork skills. Together as a working pair, we embarked on an unforgettable journey as we discovered riveting information related to our topic of twin telepathy.

Each having our own perspectives to the existence of twin telepathy, we both gained knowledge that further widened our general claims, and we persevered to find enough  credible evidence to support our arguments. Although both of our arguments had convincing evidence, in the end, we concluded that twin telepathy is indeed fake.

Organization was a key factor in concluding the final answer to our driving question, which allowed us to reveal significant evidence on a controversial topic in modern science.

On the other hand, the Senior Project did have its downfalls that put a lot of stress on my partner and I. The biggest obstacle we had to overcome was of course, procrastination. If I were to give advice to the underclassmen who look forward to the Senior Projects, I would advise them to start on the project early and to complete each component on a regular, progressive schedule.

Procrastination and general laziness will and can single-handedly ruin the project if they are not handled properly. Nonetheless, the project will be a fulfilling experience that will teach a life lesson to students. Overall, not only was the Senior Project advantageous for my own academic life, it truly taught me lessons that I will forever cherish in the growing life that awaits ahead of me.