Marketing as a Titan


Amari Walker

The senior project is a milestone in every senior’s life. All that you have learned from your 12 years of school including your 4 years at East Tech is applied into this school year long project. It signifies a true level of responsibility as these students work relentlessly to produce a creative presentation that resembles their programs and passions.

Presentation day is truly a wake up call. It’s the final large scale presentation as not only a 12th grader, but as a student. We chose to shadow the marketing program. More specifically we chose to shadow the Omnieon Royal Hotel. With their bright lights and live performances, they captured the attention of a vast audience. Determined to make it a memorable experience, they surely did not disappoint.

The marketing program faces a challenge that really separates them from the rest of the programs at East Tech: Statistics. Marketing is all about numbers, and Omnieon showed us that. From the most insignificant, to seemingly small luxuries, Omenieon showed us that everything has a price.

The presentation integrated real world photos of their concept as well as real locations, prices and performances. Speaking of performances, Omnieon produced one of the more exotic visual representations as the audience was serenaded by the beautiful voices of our seniors.

When discussing the live attraction Omnieon would offer, the presenters thought it would be best to give a glimpse into what we should expect. Two of the girls showed their talents as they both sang an Ed Sheeran song, impressing both the audience as well as themselves.

The senior projects are more than just a large presentation of a topic. It shows creativity, which is essential when putting your own style to individualize yourselves. Having worked on this single project for about 6 months, it presumably comes with a large amount of work. We asked the seniors presenting Omnieon, whom requested we not use their names- what the easiest and most challenging part of the senior project was.

Unanimously, they replied,

“The hardest thing was definitely the essays, because you have so many cool ideas and it’s very difficult putting your imagination on paper. Ironically, the easiest part was the visual; instead of putting your thoughts into words, they’re incorporated in colors and pictures. You basically just make what you imagined happen.”

These projects, no matter the program, were undoubtedly a call for creativity, and Omnieon impressed us all with theirs.

All projects were beyond words. Every program exceeded expectations in all possible categories. However, there is always a loose end or two that never gets completely tied. We asked Roberto V. – a junior that helped his fellow seniors deliver the best possible show- what he would change. He said,

 “I wish we had gotten a bigger presentation space; it was shoulder to shoulder in there!”

This just shows the audience Omnieon managed to gather with techniques learned from their program class. A project in of itself is a ton of work and the senior project is no exception.

While very few did not seek help, a majority of seniors paired up with friends, hoping to simplify the amount of work needed. When asked a preference of either an independent project or a group project, Roberto answered, “There is no way one senior could have done this by themselves; this was a group effort, having a lot of minds focused on one topic -Omnieon.”  

With Omnieon’s successful warm welcome, it certainly became a prime example as to how motivation and determination create the best outcomes.
It’s easy to reflect as senior as to how you grew to be this young adult about to enter the adult world. The senior project brought out the best, most motivated parts of people.

Whether it was pulling through the essays, or the visual execution, their own respective styles flowed through each and every presentation. That was the beauty of witnessing these projects. You got to experience styles and personalities of people you otherwise may never have encountered.

Whenever someone presented I felt their passions as if they were my own, and that proves the hard work and dedication that went into each and every senior project. Phenomenal job class of 2017! All the East Tech Titans strive to exceed the legacy you have led behind!


Pictured above: Marketing senior, Kiana Parkes, performs “Dive” by Ed Sheeran as part of Omnieon’s live performance.