Class of 2018 Got Their ACT Together


Cianna Gundayao

On Tuesday, February 28th, the class of 2018 took their first ACT, marking the start of their path to college. Taking such an important test is a scary task, so many juniors have been feeling pretty nervous these past few months, studying  restlessly. However, once it was over, the junior class had quite a lot to say. 

We asked some juniors at East Tech a simple question, “how was the test?” How was the test? The majority claimed that it was actually quite simple and straightforward.

“It was way better than I thought it would be. I don’t know why I freaked out.” – Emily Valenzuela

 Despite the ACT’s supposed easiness, juniors who actively participated in ACT prep claimed that the ACT would have been difficult to complete for those who did not prepare at all.

“The ACT was a piece of cake, but I think it would have been hard for those people who didn’t study at all.  I feel like the preps helped because we practiced time management, and it was helpful since the test went by really fast.” -Leilani Cash

On the other hand, we interviewed other students who asserted that the test was not much of a challenge, even though they did not necessarily practice beforehand.

Juniors are anxious, but excited to see their test scores.  “I know I scored above a 22 for sure — I’m confident I scored high,” one junior stated.

Even though the majority claimed that the ACT test was unchallenging, the scores are all that matters in the end. For now, juniors can only hope to achieve a score of 22 or more, since a 22 composite score is all that is needed in order to get into most local colleges.

In conclusion, the juniors could all agree that the infamous college test was more moderate than they had expected. Rather, the significance of taking the first step toward life after high school was actually the underlying cause for their fear of this test. In reality, with sufficient studying and preparing, scoring high on the ACT is truly manageable and controllable.