Iane Gallardo

Andres Lopez, 17, currently a junior at East Tech, has won the title of Student Body President for the class of 2018. Andres, who has been devoted to student council  since 6th grade,  is ready to take on this position. We were curious to find out why he is so dedicated to student council.  According to Andres,

“I think it’s because the overall results in student council is not all about dances and spirit days, but about making a school atmosphere where everybody feels comfortable.”

Lopez’s major goals for the upcoming year are to make everybody feel welcome and to celebrate the school’s spirit and diversity. He explains that even though East Tech’s major focus is on academics, it is still a place to have fun and enjoy yourself. The school offers more than just stressful PBLs and he wants the student body to see this. This is something that Andres wants to highlight. For example, he wants bigger assemblies, interactive activities throughout all grade levels, comfort between administration and students, and much more.

Though it is his last year to be a part of student council, he promises to keep all the good-even bad-memories with him.

“If it wasn’t for student council, I wouldn’t know the importance of self discipline and the love from a second family. I’m sad to say that this is my last chance to really make a difference… that I’ll treasure forever.” -Andres Lopez