The Future Still Uncertain for the CNA Students

Lydia Thorn

The ever changing clinical plans for the Certified Nursing Assistant program here at ECTA are still undetermined, and they are supposed to start next week!

To say that this is frustrating is an understatement. The school is still struggling to figure out if the students will be gong to Mountain View Hospital or the Veterans Home.

“I don’t even care where we go at this point” stated Amanda Velasco, one of the CNA students.

These kids just want some insight and stability on these very important plans, and it better come fast. Due to the delay in starting clinicals the scheduling is going to be even more hectic. There are several important events coming up that the CNA students have to focus on, such as HOSA and senior projects.

It will be extremely hard for faculty to plan around these events. At this point they are going to have to plan around graduation! The clinicals must happen; it is a requirement for the CNA program. Simply put by Jasmine Gilbert, a CNA student,

“The whole point of this class is to get certified, and the only thing in the way of that certification is no clinical hours.”