East Tech’s CNA Students Take on the Real World


East Tech’s medial students learn how to properly place IVs.

The medical profession is one of the most competitive programs at East Tech. In the medical profession at East Tech, students can take two different pathways for their future. One of them is CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) and the other one is Sports Medicine (dealing with Athletic training). One of the reasons that the CNA Program here is so competitive is because only 60 student out of the whole junior and senior class are able to become a part of this fascinating class. Many students just come to East Tech to join the CNA program because of the real life work that the students do.

CNA students practice skills until they have them down. This is one of the most important parts of the program, because in order to get certified as a nursing assistant the students are tested on these skills in a professional environment. Practice does make perfect and in a profession that is responsible for lives, perfect is what to strive for. Aside from the classes we take throughout the year, a CNA student also needs to do clinical work in a real medical environment to be certified.

This year, for the first time since the school opened, the CNA program will be doing clinicals in an actual hospital. Each class will be going for two whole weeks and missing all of their classes during that time to work as nursing assistants in training in real life situations. Thanks to the efforts of Ms. Abdule, these students have this amazing opportunity to prove their skills in the place that it matters. She is preparing the future medical professionals of the world extremely well and the program is lucky to have her to push us towards greatness. For the lower class medical students out there who are questioning what part of the medical program to be in, if you plan on being a part of the healthcare world, the CNA program is a fantastic stepping stone that will take you in that direction and prepare you well for your future. Choose wisely.