Twisted Tales


Kiana Parkes

This year’s Halloween carnival, “Twisted Tales,”  was hosted by the Marketing and Hospitality Seniors.

carnival1Over 700 people came by East Tech on October 20th from 5pm-8pm to enjoy food, Halloween games, and a scary haunted house. The games this year were creative and innovative. The participants had a variety of games to choose from- ranging from fortune telling to face painting to nerf gun shooting and temporary arm tattoos.  At each booth, the seniors were dressed up in Halloween costumes, giving it that festive holiday feel! 

The food was also amazing.  There were plenty of options available, such as nachos, hot dogs and horchata. But, the biggest food vendor was definitely the ice cream truck.  This vendor  had the longest lines all night because of the variety of different ice cream flavors they provided. The line may have been long, but the ice cream was definitely worth it!

 All in all, the marketing Seniors did an amazing job this year with the Halloween Carnival. The community really helped to shaped the carnival because of their active participation. More people came than expected, which is always a plus. The marketing seniors showed their hospitality and made it the best carnival yet. Way to go, Marketing!