The Ballad of the Salad


There have been many new improvements at East Tech; one of them being our lunch system. Recently, the school has added a salad bar to our lunch options. Many people have responded positively about this new addition.

The new salad bar has a variety of fruits and vegetables. Ranging from juicy grapes, tomatoes, and kale salad to the plenty of toppings, like croutons, chicken, and cold turkey.   There are also a variety of dressings that you can choose from, plus you get juice to go along with your salad.

The students seem to actually prefer the new salad bar over the prepared salad boxes. The salad bar allows you to decide what you want, as opposed to the “grab-and-go” salad boxes that come with a limited amount of nutrients, containing lettuce, shredded cheese, croutons, and frozen pieces of chicken.  Students say it’s healthier as well. 

“The salads are much better than the frozen ones they give out. Plus we get to choose what we want on them, and the amount we want. It’s a better food choice for a lot of people.” –Elva Plazola

“The salad bar was such a good idea; the lines are long, but sometimes it’s worth the wait. I like that I can eat a bit healthier now and it’s being provided with my free lunch.” Yazzeli Hernandez