ECTA Key Club at RTC — Win or Lose?

ECTA Key Club at RTC — Win or Lose?

Key Club is a student-led organization that encourages leadership through helping others.  Members of Key Club are involved in services for their community, such as cleaning up parks, collecting clothing and organizing food drives.  They also learn leadership skills by running meetings, planning projects and holding elected leadership positions.

On  Saturday, October 15th, Key Club got a chance to participate in RTC (the annual Regional Training Conference) at Green Valley High School.  RTC is a yearly event where other Key Clubs throughout Nevada meet at one school to participate in workshops that help them become better  key club members, individuals, and leaders.

This annual event has been known to be an event of great significance as schools compete for the ultimate spirit stick. Ever since the beginning of the Key Club 2016-2017 term, board members of ECTA Key Club have been preparing for this very day, pressured to uphold the East Tech legacy of winning at RTC. For a whole month, cheers and choreographers were carefully composed and taught to all 114 members in preparation for this special event.

We tried our hardest with blood, sweat, and tears,” says Chaela Gundayao, the ECTA Key Club bulletin board editor.

When the actual RTC rolled around, what was the outcome? ECTA Key Club lost. Tears were shed and hearts were broken when Titans sadly heard that they did not advance to the final rounds. Indeed, it was an unfortunate loss but board members choose to look at this event as a special day to connect with one another. After realizing the true meaning of RTC, ECTA rose back up and continued to have spirit the whole night through.

“Yes, we lost — but having a family of 114 members scream their hearts out was already a win for us.” – Kendalee Lay, ECTA Key Club President