The senior project presentations are great way for the school and the community to experience the expertise that our seniors have learned throughout their high school careers.  Some seniors choose to work solo, others work in groups within their programs, and some, like Laura Guerrero and Teresita Rojas, choose to collaborate with other programs to create their final product.  

Teresita Rojas is a senior in the Marketing program and Laura Guerrero is a senior in Culinary.  Together, they came up with the concept of “Pure Heaven.”  This mock business is a mixture of an ice-cream, candy, and bakery shop.  Rojas used her marketing genius, while Guerrero showed off her culinary skills!

We were able to get an interview with Rojas on her final product.

Q: What made you choose this project?

A: I chose this project because I am in the marketing program and I already knew how to do a business, so I thought it would’ve been easy for me.

Q: What was the easiest and hardest thing about your project?

A: I think the hardest thing about my project was working with someone in Culinary.  I didn’t know how exactly they would work with me since I do everything at a fast pace. I’ve known Laura Guerrero since freshman year, but I never worked with her with something this big (designing a business!) The easiest part was making the logo and the hardest would have been actually making the business plan.    

 Q: Are you satisfied with the final product?

A: Actually, I am;  everything came together. I think the only part that was difficult for me was doing the research paper and writing an argumentative thesis. But in the end, it was all good.

Q: What could you have done better now that you’ve seen your final product?

A: I feel like I could have done a better job with the poster board.  I’m not really creative with putting things on a board, since it’s usually like a middle school task; I’m good with technology; I made a website for the business and a prezi, so it would’ve been better if we could have done this online.  

Q: Did you have any backup plans……just incase?

A: Well, at first I was going to work alone and do advertisements. Then, I decided it’s my senior year and I should make the best of it. That’s when I  decided to partner up with Laura, since she’s like my best friend. I thought it would be fun and  enjoyable.  It also made sense, since I focused on the business and marketing aspect and she focused on the menu and food.