Art in Fashion, Fashion in Art

Art in Fashion, Fashion in Art

Artwork and clothes created by Rohini Kailey that were a part of her senior project. Modeled by East Tech student, Danna Alvarez.

Valdez, A.

Every year since the school has opened, East Tech has done a great job in encouraging seniors to go out of their way to come up with unique and creative senior projects. As students walked around the school, there was one particular project that caught the eye of many.

Rohini Kailey, a Senior at East Career & Technical Academy has been waiting since her sophomore year to put her senior project into action. Now that she has gotten the chance, her project was definitely one you wouldn’t forget! I, Angela Valdez, was able to interview her and ask her multiple questions regarding her project.

Q: What inspired you to put this project in action?

A: Well, as you can see and look around I am very passionate about art and very passionate about fashion, so I decided to mix the two and create this art gallery.

Q: How long did this process take?

A: In total this project took 3 years to put together. Since I thought of this idea in my sophomore year I went about putting multiple paintings and sewing pieces of clothing together since then. Each painting took a variety of months.  For example, some paintings took me 3 months, some6 months, and some 4 months. I began designing the clothes two summers ago. 

Q: How did you use time management when going about this process?

A: Since I love painting and fashion it was easy to manage my team because I’m constantly doing something relating to both. I am constantly sewing and creating new clothing pieces so I always found myself working on one or the other. Although,I will say, procrastination was a big problem!

Q: What was your favorite part overall?

A: My favorite part would have to be finally seeing my project and putting it all together. I love having everyone see all my hard work as well. It’s so crazy and unreal.

Q: How do you feel about the outcome?

A: I can honestly say I love the outcome so much. It’s even better than what I expected. After this is all over, in the future I plan on opening my own store that will be based off  of the same concept as my project.


In conclusion, it is sure to say senior projects are the perfect way for seniors to finally put their ideas and everything they have learned over the past four years together to show everyone what they are capable of. Whether seniors had their ideas set since sophomore year or scrambled to think of something in their senior year, we can definitely say these projects are the perfect way to have students set goals for themselves and to put them into action. What started off as a tradition that would hope to last, will continue on at East Career & Technical Academy for many more years, allowing seniors to receive an even bigger shine.