East Tech seniors are saying a final goodbye to high school and all the amazing memories they have made here. Last week seniors definitely impressed us all with their creative and outstanding senior projects. One that particularly stood out to us was Rohini Kailey’s.

Rohini is a marketing student and titled her project “A New Kind of Art”. The purpose of her project was to mix fashion and art to make a bigger art gallery in order to promote the little artists no one recognizes.

Mixing both of her passions she created an absolutely incredible project. Rohini stated that she started preparing three years ago for her project.

“I knew that I wanted to do this, mix my two passions. Ever since sophomore year this was my idea and I’m finally bringing it to life and making my vision a reality.”

Rohini loved the final outcome of her senior project and has been excited to share her vision with all of us.

“I would go to art galleries and always see no people there; I would look at the paintings I would see talented, talented people but no one was there to see it. So I started to ask myself how could I figure out a way that I could make people see these hidden talents?”

She displayed all three of her art pieces along side three models that were wearing outfits to represent each piece. The outfits all had the same color scheme as the paintings and definitely captured the main purpose of her project. Rohini’s main clothing piece was a sheath dress with the infamous painting “Starry Night” by Vincent Van Gogh painted on the skirt.

Rohini told us that she financially she spent a lot on her project; however, she doesn’t regret it and says it was all worth it in the end; she enjoyed every step along the way way in creating her final product.

We advise incoming seniors to incorporate their passions into their senior projects.

“The more your passion is incorporated into your project and the more enthusiasm you put into it, translates over to your audience. You can see the passion someone has in their eyes when they present something that means something to them.” -Rohini Kailey

We will definitely miss the class of 2016, but they will always be part of East Tech. You all did an amazing job on your senior projects! Enjoy your last two months of high school! YOU MADE IT!

As for Rohini, she told us,

“After I graduate, have a job, have money and have a career, I plan on actually opening an art gallery for all these “little” people, so their hidden talents can be everywhere.”

We know you will go far in life; you’re a very amazing and talented woman, and definitely have a lot to offer the world. Best of luck, Rohini!