Negative Effects of BARBIE!


Amber Miller is a student in the marketing Program. Her senior project was on “The Negative Effects of the Barbie Doll.” Amber’s idea behind her senior project was to get people to see beauty in a different perspective. What we see on the surface is often times mistaken for true beauty, but often times, people do not correlate beauty with what is inside. The entire setup of her project was very eye-catching: the display included a life-size Barbie, along with a few small Barbie dolls on her table. She also had a life-size Barbie Box (for pictures). Amber’s face was also part of the overall display, with surgery pen marks on it to show what a human would have to subject him or herself to (plastic surgery) to get “Barbie’s look.”

Amber talked about how we all see Barbie as the perfect figure- the one we are supposed to be like and want to be like. In order to see how impossible Barbie’s figure is, she began to compare her life-size Barbie to the average woman.

It turns out that Barbie would have a waist smaller than her head, which means she would have smaller vital organs than we would (or could even be missing some). She would measure about 7 6” and have a neck about the size of a wrist (about six inches). With that size neck, she cannot breathe and eat simultaneously; she cannot do both together. Therefore, being a Barbie is impossible! It is impossible to have the perfect body, looks, and ideals that we all want.

The purpose of this project was for people to stop comparing themselves to others. We are all beautiful and need to love who we are for what we are. Today’s society places too much stress on obtaining the “perfect” body. Amber wants you to realize that being “perfect” is not all that it is cracked up to be. It is far more beautiful to be healthy and confident in who you are.

Amber even gave out handouts to everyone that listened to her presentation, all of which included quotes such as:

“EVERYONE is beautiful… Just not everyone sees it.”

All in all , Amber’s presentation was very clear, entertaining, and educational.

This was one of her original ideas that she had planned out since her freshmen year. She had no regrets when it came to the senior project and she believes that her project turned out well. She wouldn’t change anything because it all came out how she wanted. All in all, she felt accomplished with her project and that was shown in her confidence when presenting.