Senior Update #3!

This image represents what East Tech Senior, Jason Zafra, would like his final product to look like.  Good Luck, Jason!

This image represents what East Tech Senior, Jason Zafra, would like his final product to look like. Good Luck, Jason!

Guittap, Soliven, Pura

Hey Seniors, who are you asking to Sadies? Are you getting those scholarships done? Have you made progress with your senior project? This is senior update number three!

Get your game on because this year, East Tech’s Sadies is Carnival themed. It will take place from 6PM-9PM at East Tech on Saturday, February 20th.  There will be games to play and food to eat. Tickets will be sold at ten dollars for presale. However, they will be sold at fifteen dollars at the door so don’t wait too long and get yours and your date’s as soon as possible!

Our last semester of high school is steadily beginning, which also means deadlines and more deadlines. With February right around the corner, many scholarship forms and college/university applications are due. While some students have already been notified of their acceptance to certain schools, a few students still need to complete their FAFSA. It is essential for students to get their FAFSA forms completed. If their FAFSA goes through, students receive money that can be used for school. For students who wish to begin their college career in the fall, it is crucial for them to complete their applications before their upcoming deadline next month. Get going on those applications and forms seniors!

Seniors, are you ready to present your senior projects? We have just received our rough draft research papers from our advisors. On February 11, 2016, the final draft of the research paper is due. Make sure you remember to fix the mistakes that your advisor corrected and get that turned in on time. Your project will be due to your advisors on the March 31. On April 1st, the projects will be open to the community. Parents, alumni, and professionals in your program fields will be here at East Tech to see your senior projects! Make sure you put forth your best effort and don’t procrastinate!  Let’s see what some of our seniors have to say about their senior projects.

*Due to the shift in dates, Feb. 11th is not the guaranteed date for the final drafts.

Interview with Jason Zafra

Q: What program are you in?

A: Construction

Q: What is your senior project?

A: I plan on making a “Treeless Treehouse”. It is basically a mini house suspended on stilts. It’s for people that really want the tree house feeling, but without the tree.

Q: When do you expect to finish?

A: I plan on finishing in the middle of March, if not early March. I want to be able to get the actual project done so I can spend the rest of the month making it look as good as possible for the people coming to see it.

Q: Are you stressing out over it?

A: A little bit. I am scared mostly because I want the project to be something that people can appreciate and see the amount of work I put into this program and into my project.