A Director’s Insight


Nelly Reeves

It’s that time of the year again! Students have been working hard these last couple of months to put together a series of hilarious one act plays. With less than a week till show day, I spoke to some of the directors about what happens behind the scenes.


Directors started their jobs at the END of last school year; choosing their plays, deciding what they wanted everything to look like, even coming in over summer to discuss all the hardships a director faces. Kenia Corza, a second time director stated, “The most difficult part in the directing process is probably getting the cast to see what it is the directors envision.” Robert Sheffer, a first time director, had several difficulties with his vague script, unset blocking, and limited actors. But he said, “Rehearsals were always my favorite [part]. [We get] to know our actors, and co director. Good things like new friendships and lasting memories make all the stress worth it.”


As opening night gets closer and closer, the stress and excitement of the staff and actors builds up. Emotions are high and directors hope everyone is able to remember their lines. I think all the directors agree that the cast circle is definitely the worst part about opening night. “It’s bittersweet and everyone usually cries,” claims Kenia. And after seeing what happens behind it all, great things should be expected from our directors!